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Vaccine Slot Notifier Bot using Nodejs

By Anshuman Singh Bais

  • cowin bot/
  • Discord Bot that notifies you when vaccination slots are available for a particular district. It checks for slots every 10 seconds.

    Vaccine Slot Availability


    Discord Bot checks the Cowin portal periodically(every 10 seconds) to find vaccination slots available for a particular district and the above 18 age group. It checks for slots every 10 seconds using Cowin Public API. If a slot is available it will send a message on a Discord channel, every 10 seconds until the slots are available. It is useful because it can notify more than one person at a time, added to that particular server. If a slot is not available, it will not send any message.

    Discord Invite:

    Apart from it, I also created a log channel for error handling. It updates the number of requests made by the bot so far and which requests were failed and their status codes.


    You need to have a Discord Server where you will add this bot and permit it to send a message in the channel. Clone the repository and add environment variables in your .env file.








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