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Valid Sudoku Solver using C++ Programming Language

By Amritanshu Singh

The objective of this project is to apply the basic aspect of programming knowledge(function, 2-D vector, array, recursion) and problem-solving using C++ programming language

This project is based on a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. It checks whether the given sudoku board is valid or not and further solve it using C++ programming language, the features of this program are-:

  • Isvalidsudoku-: it allows the user to find whether the entered sudoku puzzle is valid or not.
  • Checker-: it checks that the entered value in the sudoku board is valid for a column, row, and the 3X3 box.
  • Solve-: it searches for non-empty slot represented by ‘.’ And checks whether a valid number can be entered or not.

Concepts required-:





valid sudoku

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