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Vehicle Inventory Management System using Java and GUI

By Abhinav Goswami

This project uses Java and a GUI (window-builder) to create an inventory management system for the user to buy/trade and generate receipt for the vehicles seamlessly.

The project performs various operations on the basis of user input and creates a buying receipt for the user to buy/trade the vehicle.

Tools used to create the project:

1) Eclipse IDE.

2) JDK

3) GUI: SWING/Window Builder Packages installed from the marketplace.

Project Pre-requisites:

- must have java installed on the system. (JDK 8 or higher version)

- must have an IDE to run the project. (preferred-Eclipse IDE)

- must have SWING/Window Builder installed on the IDE from the marketplace.

Project Details:

- this java project is created using JFrame which is available under the window builder package.

- the frame has source code and a design as its main component.

   - design component

      - consists of different panels (to create a single component), labels (to display information), text fields (to take input from the user), buttons (to              perform an action when clicked), textarea (to generate a receipt).

  - source component (working)

     - user runs the application and enters name, address, zip, mobile, email as basic information in the text fields.

     - there are checkboxes to include various additional upgrades to attach to the bought vehicle.

     - user chooses a car from the list of available cars from the combobox.

     - user can either buy a car or trade the same using "trade in a car" and setting the mileage for the same.

    - when the user performs either of the above two operations: cost of the car and car mileage is set to the text fields automatically using                 

    "textfield_name.setText" function.

   - when all the information is entered the user may click the following buttons for which an event/action is performed which are handled by the event       handler:


This button calls an actionPerformed function and calculates the tax, subtotal, and total cost of the vehicle which is to be bought by the user and sets it to their particular textfields.


This button also calls an actionPerformed function and gets (using jtxtfield.getText()) all the information entered by the user (name, address, tax, total, subtotal, trade, etc.) and appends them to the receipt textarea generating the vehicle bought/trade receipt.


This button -> action performed function and sets all the jtextfields(setText) to either null or 0 depending upon the field.


This button exits the application by asking for a confirmation from the user. (confirmation dialog box is made using JOptionpane.showConfirmDialog()) function.

Running the project:

- Download the ZIP file and extract it.

- Open Eclipse IDE and click on File-> Open Projects from file system -> click on directory -> find and select the extracted directory -> finish.

- Open the file present in com.frames package and click on run from the toolbar.

- Project/Application will be launched.

- Make sure the window-builder plugin is installed from the marketplace.

Project Images:



/**Developed by Abhinav Goswami - Java Programmer Intern at CodeSpeedy Technology Pvt. Ltd.**/



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