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Vending Machine using Java

By Tanya Saxena

A simple vending machine programmed in Java language used for providing essential and daily use products to the customers.

Vending Machine using Java


Programmed on IntelliJ IDE with basic concepts of Java


A simple and easy-to-use vending machine developed in Java programming language.

It includes both the supplier and user interaction to work effectively.


Supplier functions -

Adding items available in the store along with the price of each product.

Cents available for change if required


User functions -

Select the product required. (If product asked is not available at the store, the user will be informed with a message)

Pay the amount for the selected product. (Coins accepted are 1,5,10 and 25 cents only)

Receive the product along with the change if any

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Submitted by Tanya Saxena (tanyasaxena99)

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