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Video To Audio Converter using moviepy in Python

By Divesh Giri

Using this project, a video can be converted into audio (.mp3) using the python library 'moviepy'.

Video To Audio Converter

This project can be used to convert a video file into the audio file of '.mp3' format.


--> For this project, we have to install the moviepy library in our system using the below command.

pip install moviepy


1. Import 'moviepy.editor' in the python file.

2. Enter the path where the video file is located in the system.

3. The 'VideoFileClip' method of the moviepy library takes the path.

4. 'audio' method will convert the video file to audio.

5. Enter the desired name of the audio file created.

6. The audio file will be created where the python script in the system is located.

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