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Virtual Cricket Game in C++

By Chittamuri Hemanth Reddy

Virtual Cricket Game using C++ and its built_in libraries. This is a short and easy to play Cricket game which takes away our boredom.

Virtual Cricket Game using C++ and its built_in libraries

This is a short and easy-to-play Cricket game that takes away our boredom. This is extremely useful in cases where we want to have a short break to refresh ourselves during our work(or class).

This is completely written in C++ with of help of some of its built-in libraries. I've made separate headers for each category so that it's readable and can be used by others who are working on a similar idea.

I had created a cricket game by using c++. I had taken two teams in my cricket game We like to put as many overs as we can, We have to take up to 11 members to each teamOnce the team members have been selected the team will display as team X and team Y.

Now the toss is needed to start the match, after the toss we need to select either bat or ball, Now the match starts.

We can input as many overs as we like. Suppose team A scores 18 and now the opponent team B  needs 19 runs to win the match, the winning team will be displayed. This is my project1.

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