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Virtual Paint using OpenCV in Python

By Sangameshwar Dnyaneshwar Manikwar

It uses the different functions of OpenCV available in Python. It takes an image from the camera and detects the contour in the image. Starts drawing on the canvas as contour moves.

1. It turns on the camera and starts detecting the contour in the camera.

2. It draws a circle at the tip of the contour.

3. The color of the circle is the same as the color of your contour or object.

4. It stores the points in which you move your object.

5. Now, it starts drawing a circle to all the points which are stored.

6. You can add the different minimum and maximum HSV values for different colors.

7. Also, we have to add corresponding BGR color values.

8. Then you will be able to draw with the different color objects.

9. You have to take care of the background.

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Submitted by Sangameshwar Dnyaneshwar Manikwar (Sangameshwar18)

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