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Voice Assistance app using Java


This project is based on voice assistance and works like "ALEXA","SIRI" for small tasks.


To make this project you require 3 jars they are mentioned below:-

1. sphinx4-core

2. sphinx4-data

3. freetts jar 

else if you are making maven you will need add dependencies as follows:-

Group id- de.sciss
artifact id- sphinx4-data
version- 1.0.0

Group id -net.sf.phat
artifact id -sphinx4-core
version - 5prealpha


Group id- net.sf.sociaal
artifact id -freetts
version -1.2.2

after this you need to make list of some commands and make its file and then
search for sphinx knowledge base generator and upload that file and we are
only bothered about two files .
1. lm file
2. dic file
save both of them and add it to the resource of your project later you need to give path in code.

freetts is used to speak all the commands according to work.

this project can be added to a big project.
In my project this can work for:
1. opening and closing of chrome.
2.opening and closing of youtube.
3.opening and closing of sublimetext.
4. terminating the project itself.etc

way to call the commands as:
oliver open/close chrome/youtube/sublimetext.
oliver terminate.-->for ending the running state.


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Submitted by VANKAYALA AKSHID (akshid007)

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