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Voice Assistant In C++

By Harshni Pandita

This project is a text-to-speech application that follows the user's commands and performs tasks using C++.

This project is a text-to-speech application in the C++ language. The first step in this is to install the espeak speech synthesizer and to paste the .exe file of espeak in the folder of your voice assistant project.

For the text-to-speech, feature to function these lines of code should be included wherever you want to convert the text into speech.

string phrase = "any message that you want to listen"; string cmnd = "espeak "" + phrase + """; const char *charCommand = cmnd.c_str(); system(charCommand);

For opening photos and for playing music ShellExecute command has been used.

For opening notepad and paint, the CreateProcess command has been used.

For opening google and youtube, I've used the system command.

For google- ("start");

For youtube- ("start");

The voice assistant also greets the user with a good morning, afternoon, and evening message according to the current time.


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