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Weather App for Mac using Electron.js & OpenWeatherMap API

By Rishiraj Behera

This is a weather app built using Electron.js. It gives real time weather forecast based on location. This application uses OpenWeatherMap Api.

Weather App  

Why Electron.js to build this application?

-> There are many platforms to build a desktop application, but I choose Electron.js because with Electron, we can make applications of a web page. This application uses OpenWeatherApi, it is free to use and by the help of an API we can have real time weather data for any location. 

How to use this software (from mac) ?

1. Download the zip file and extract it. You'll have .txt file, copy the link and paste it on your browser.

2. Download the zip file and extract it. There, open the folder and go to 'Application' and then click on the 'electron' application. 

3. This will open the app. 

4. If the app still doesn't opens, then you might have to download the latest version of Electron on your computer.

How to customize the application?

-> Open the folder and click on 'src' folder. There, you'll see HTML, CSS & Js files. Whatever changes you'll make, it'll reflect on the software on refreshing (command + r). Since the same files are used for web development, so you can even create a website first and then make an Electron application from it.


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