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Weather Data Generator using C++ Programming Language

By Amritanshu Singh

The objective of this project is to test the student’s knowledge in the aspect of basic programming and problem-solving for data analysis using C++ programming language.

This project is based on reading the file which contains weather data and analyzing various components of it in C++ programming language by the following program features-:

  • Menu-: create a simple menu that allows the user to access the information needed.
  • Load File-: Allow the user to type in the name of the data file for reading. Promote the user after the successful reading of the data file.
  • Show statistics-: Compute the following statistics for each year available in the data:
  1. Average minimum temperature (in Celsius)
  2. Average maximum temperature (in Celsius)
  3. Total Rainfall (in mm)
  4. Total number of days for each reported type of weather(Example rainy, sunny, etc)
  • A simple search to retrieve the weather information data for a single day entry

Concepts required-:



3.File input/output


weather data generator


weather data generator


weather data generator

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