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Web Application using Java Swing

By Subham Gupta

This project is based on java programming and the technology is java swing to store the data of clients/employees etc.

This is a web application also we can say standalone application which is run on your local machine. This web application is developed using Java programming Language where different Java technology is used such as Java Swing, JDBC, OOP Concept, etc. The web application can be used by any admin who wants to manage the important details of their client. 

Java Swing is used to creating Graphical User Interface where the users can see the add button, delete button, exit app, etc. Also, JDBC is used to connecting the MYSQL database where the web application directly interacts with the database and is able to fetch the data from the back-end, and the application is able to display the client details.

MYSQL is used to store all details of employee/client any it is simple any easy to connect with the application using SQL connector jar files.

Java Archive file (JAR) is used in the project because it gives a connection with the database to the application.


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