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Web Browser Using Java

By Faiza Aftab

web browser using javafx , java swing packages it is a simple and mini project on java language

WEB BROWSER :- As we know web browser is use to search multiple queries at a time 

in this On one click user directly interact with google website 

It is a small and simple mini project for beginner to understand the javafx and how to attach search engine in java code

step 1:- create class Web later we extent into runnable thread

step:2-create a boundries by using set bound method which is part of javafx package and set visiblity  true ( by default it is false )

step 3:-  Set the title of the panel or frame ( we can give any title)

step:4-  we will use get engine method to connect frame to google and import javax.swing.web because it is a part of it 

step 5 :- we will use runnable thread to call web () then we set panel to view the engine 

Now our code is ready then we will conver our code class file into jar file which is executable file

then we create shortcut key to display of desktop home and then we will set the icon of the jar file and  rename the file

on one clice it will be executable and successfully run web browser 




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