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Week Day Finder in C++

By Divyanshu Pandey

A Project Implemented in C++ in which a User can find the Weekday as per Input Date Given.

In this Project, Our task is to find Weekdays like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc for a particular Valid Date as per User Entry.

How does this Project Work?

Step 1: On execution of the project main menu is popped Having 2 functionalities 

  1.  Find Day from a given date.
  2.  Quit Program 

Step 2: As Per User choice Entered For eg:- 1 option is chosen, then the user is asked to enter the date in DD/MM/YY format.

      As result to which if the input date entered is valid, the correct day is displayed and the user is returned to the main menu.

      Again, if the user chooses option 1 but this time if the user inputs an invalid date for eg:- 30/02/20XX, A message of Invalid Date is Displayed and the user is returned to the main menu. 

Step 3: Now Finally, To Exit/Quit from the program User Can Choose Option 2.

Functionalities involved in this Project :

  1.  validDate() : To Check Validity of the input Date.
  2.  weekday(): For Finding the Weekday for a particular entered date.


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