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Weight Calculator on Different Planets using C++

By Srishti Dhaval Patkar

This is a C++ programme to calculate your weight on different planets and also your weight on unknown planets or heavenly bodies if you enter their radius and mass.

void get_mass():

This function takes your weight on the weighing machine as an input and calculates your mass by dividing it by 9.8 (acceleration due to gravity of earth)

void get_mass()
  cout<<"What's your weight on weighing machine? ";
  mass=machine_weight/9.8; //dividing weighing machine weight by acceleration due to gravity on earth


void moon():

This function calculates your weight on the moon by multiplying your mass with g of the moon.

void moon()
  planet_weight=mass*1.6; // g(moon)=1.6
  cout<<"Your weight on Moon is "<<planet_weight<<endl;


Similarly, your weights on other planets are calculated by multiplying your mass with their respective g's.


void unknown_planet():

This function finds your weight on a planet whose radius and mass is entered by you with the help of a formula.

void unknown_planet()
    cout<<"Enter Radius of the planet";
    cout<<"Enter Mass of the planet";
    cout<<"Your weight on this planet is "<<planet_weight<<endl;


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