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Whatsapp Message Scheduler using Python GUI Programming


This is a GUI program based on Python Programming to Schedule your Whatsapp Message within a day.


To run this code following libraries should be installed:-

1. PywhatKit


Code Instruction:-

1. Enter the Whatsapp Number with your Country Code (eg:+91).

2. Then your message that you want to send.

3. Set the time you want your message to get delivered.

4. After that click the send option

5. If you want to EXIT the select the Exit option and Confirm Yes/No As per your choice.



1. Your Whatsapp Web should be Logged In the default browser of your computer.

2. While Scheduling the message, you should have an active internet connection.

3. Message can only be scheduled for 24 hours i.e within a day.

(Message cannot be scheduled for next day or some other day.)

Download Complete Code


  • Kalebu :

    Great one, I also recently made a python library that abstracts selenium and provides an easy and intuitive interface plus advanced control over the WhatsApp Web, you might wanna have a look at it

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