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Windmill Simulator in C++

By Gowtham Sakaray

Windmill Simulator in C++ using The OpenGL Utility Toolkit and GLUT library. (Computer Graphics Program)

Windmill Simulator is a computer graphics project which simulates the rotation speed of the windmill.

This program is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.


Initial Setup

-> Create a new C++ project in Microsoft Visual Studio

-> Set up OpenGL and GLUT libraries for the created project.

(OpenGL and GLUT libraries can be downloaded from their websites online)


After setting up the above libraries.

Download this packet and extract the windmill.cpp

After Setting up the GL library copy-paste the "windmill.cpp" code to the "main.cpp" in the visual studio project that you've created.

Save the project and run the code


Left-Click to increase the windmill fan speed.

Right-Click to decrease the windmill fan speed.

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Submitted by Gowtham Sakaray (Sgautam)

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