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Wine Quality Prediction using Machine Learning & Python

By Bhupendra Singh Rathore

This project contains the Jupyter Notebook and the Python language code. In this, we are predicting the quality of wine using different supervised machine learning algorithms.

In this project, I have used Python language. 

At first, I have taken the dataset from the Kaggle site. In this project, I have used the Jupyter Notebook and some machine learning algorithms.

Then, we use some libraries like Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib and, Sklearn. The Pandas library is used for getting the dataset and then modifying it accordingly. The NumPy library works on the arrays and some mathematical calculations. The Matplotlib library is used for some plotting of graphs, pie charts, etc. The Sklearn library is used for implementing different machine learning algorithms, confusion matrix, ROC curve, etc. 

After implementing the dataset, we clean or preprocess it by removing the null values, using the one-hot encoding, and then by dividing it into the feature and target variables.

Then we apply different ML algorithms to it. We also use the evaluation matrix to compare all the models, and, we also plot the bar graph along with the pie charts. 

In the end, we use the confusion matrix and ROC curve to compare all of the models.


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