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YouTube Downloader in Python Using Tkinter and Pytube

By Sudepta Mallick

YouTube Downloader in Python with GUI support using Tkinter. Can Convert mp4 into mp3, Ogg, Wav file.

Project: YouTube Downloader Game in Python Using Tkinter and Pytube


  • Can Download YouTube Video from YouTube
  • Can Convert Video to .mp3,.wav,.ogg file type
  • Can Combine Video and Audio file
  • 2 Splash screens first one starting application and the second one for retrieve data from YouTube
  • Save the file in User Designated Directory.


Project Description:

  1. YouTube video or audio Download with GUI using Tkinter and Pytube
  2. Moivepy used to convert mp4 into audio files.
  3. FFmpeg used to combine video and audio files into one.
  4. Pillow is used for Image processing like open, resize …
  5. Requests and urllib.request used for Internet Connection Check.

Project Validations:

  1. InvalidSavePath: Save Path is Empty or Not Selected.
  2. NoInternetConnection: No Internet Connection.
  3. QualityTypeNotSelected: Resolution/Audio Combo Box is not Selected.
  4. FileTypeNotSelected: File Type Combo Box is not Selected.
  5. InvalidLink: Entered link is Invalid.

Software Used: Pycham 2020.3.5

Python Module Used: Moivepy, FFmpeg, Pillow, Requests, pip, Pytube

Set FFmpeg in System Variable.


Download Complete Code


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