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YouTube Video Downloader Using Python

By Majji Yeswanth Raj

It is a Python program to download videos from YouTube. It gives a privilege for a user to watch videos offline.

The following is a python project to download youtube videos directly into their desktop.

In this Python application, the user has to paste the URL of a youtube video in the text box provided. After pasting the link and clicking the download option, the video gets downloaded automatically into the root directory where the user installed the Python application.

Essential libraries:

Install the required libraries Tkinter and pytube.

To install the previously mentioned modules, run the pip install command.

pip install tkinter
Pip install pytube


After installing the libraries, replace the png image path in the following code with your image path.

photo = PhotoImage(file="D:/youtube_PNG15.png")

After changes, run the program and paste a URL from Youtube in the text box and click download.

It saves the downloaded video in the folder where the python application is installed.

Download Complete Code


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