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YouTube Video Downloader with pytube using Python

By Mriganka Paul

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  • This Project is used to download videos from youtube directly on your machine. You can change the resolution and the URL of the video in the code and download any videos directly from YouTube.

    This code is used to download any video from Youtube with the help of Python and in your desired Quality.

    Just download the code........install pytube (pip install pytube) and change the video resolution to (720p,360p,1080p, etc) which quality you want to see it.


    So what is pytube?

    Pytube is a lightweight and dependency-free Python software that helps download videos from the web.


    How does this Project Benefit me?

    Well, you might have seen the ability to download videos from youtube on your mobile but it's inside the YouTube app. Videos can't be downloaded into the gallery. But what if I tell you a method by which you can download any videos on your PC from youtube only just changing small things.

    So, here is the code to download videos from YouTube.

    from pytube import YouTube

    After writing this code in your python browser, run it.

    For that open your cmd and type:

    pip install pytube

    If you already have it installed, you will be shown, that the requirement is already satisfied.

    Then change the URL to the video you want to download and the resolution to 720p or 1080p. Also, change the location folder and get your favorite Youtube video downloaded to your PC.


    I will attach a video in the zip file of this packet regarding the demo, so make sure you watch it, by downloading the packet.

    I hope it helps.

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