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Brain Tumor Detection Using CNN

By Jahnavi Ravi

Based on the Brain MRI Images as our Dataset, we classify whether a person has Brain Tumor or not with his Brain MRI Scan using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).

Images of Brain MRI scans are collected and used as Dataset for our project. For our project, 253 images of both tumorous Brain MRI scans and non-tumorous brain MRI scans are collected.

The datasets are passed through a Convolutional Neural Network. In our project, only one layer of Neural Network is built. The Rectified Linear Unit[ReLU] and Sigmoid are used as Activation functions, Adaptive Momentum[Adam] is used as an optimizer in our project.

We can pass a Brain MRI Image in our model and find whether the person to whom the MRI Scan belongs to is suffering from a Brain Tumor or not.

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