Coders Packet

Packets submitted by Jahnavi Ravi

Churn Modelling on Bank dataset in Python

Given a Bank customer, can we build a model which can predict whether that particular customer will leave the bank in the next 6 months or not.

Mushroom Classification using Support Vector Classifier in Python

Based on some features of mushroom we will predict whether the mushrooms are edible or poisonous.

Predicting Purchases based on Social Network Ads using Support Vector Classifier in Python

In this project, we will predict whether an individual purchases a product or not only based on Social Network Advertisements using Support Vector Classifier in Python.

Loan Prediction Using Python

In the Loan Prediction using Python Project, we will find out whether a person is eligible to get a Bank loan or not by using some Machine Learning models.

Brain Tumor Detection Using CNN

Based on the Brain MRI Images as our Dataset, we classify whether a person has Brain Tumor or not with his Brain MRI Scan using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).

Face Recognition using OpenCV

Face recognition is a software recognizing an individual from a digital image from an image or video source. In this project, OpenCV library is used for recognizing faces.