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C++ program to Power of Two

By Aalok Kumar

Hey Developers, Here is a simple C++ program to check whether a number is Power of Two or not using Bit Manipulation.

In this program, I've implemented Bitwise AND operator and Logical AND to check whether a number is Power of Two or not.

The Boolean function power_Of_Two(int n) takes one argument and returns true or false after doing necessary operations.

Let me explain the operation, if we subtract from the Power of 2 numbers then all unset bits after set bit become set, and set bit becomes unset.

Now, For a number which is the Power of Two then the expression (x&(x-1)) yields 0.

But expression (x&(x-1)) will not work when is equal to 0, to handle this case we use the expression (x&&(!(x&(x-1))).

Below is a sample output of my program:

Enter a number: 8

Enter a number: 15


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