Coders Packet

Packets submitted by Aalok Kumar

Binary Search Algorithm in C++

Hello Developers, An algorithm is a procedure for solving a problem, based on a sequence of some actions. I've implemented Binary Search Algorithm in C++.

C++ program to Find GCD of two numbers

Hello Programmers, This C++ program finds GCD of two numbers using the Bitwise XOR operator.

C++ program to generate all subsets of a String

Hey Developers, I have written a C++ program to generate all the possible subsets of a String.

C++ program to Power of Two

Hey Developers, Here is a simple C++ program to check whether a number is Power of Two or not using Bit Manipulation.

C++ program to check for Even Numbers using Bit Manipulation

Hello programmers, Using Bit Manipulation, I have written a C++ program to check whether a number is Even or Odd in just one line of code.

C++ Program to Multiply two Matrices using 2D-Vector

Hello coders, I have implemented a c++ program to calculate the product of two matrices using vectors.

C++ program to Print all Prime Numbers in an Interval

Hello buddies, here is a c++ program for printing all prime numbers between two numbers.

C++ program to convert a String into Binary

Hello programmers, here is a c++ program to convert a string into its binary equivalent.

C++ program to replace all occurrence of a character in a string

Hello programmers, Sometimes we need to replace the occurrence of the same characters with a different character in a string, So here is an implementation of that in C++.