Coders Packet

Packets submitted by Lokesh Madhav S

All permutations of a string in C++

The program permutations of a string accept one string and produce all the possible permutations of it using recursion and backtracking. Here the problem is approached using C++.

LRU Cache implementaion using C++

LRU Cache uses Least Recently Used concept to maintain the Cache order. It is an important concept to be learned for interview preparation. Here it is implemented using c++

Snake and Ladder problem using C++

Snake and ladder is a unique puzzle-like problem. The problem is approached and solved using the BFS(Breadth-First Search) technique in C++ language.

N-Queen problem using C++

N-Queen problem is an important problem that uses recursion and backtracking. It inputs the board size and gives the output where the queen can be placed in a 2d array.

Using linear search with templates in C++

C++ templates are used with Linear search to show compile-time polymorphism. Three different data type arrays are used for verification.