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Using linear search with templates in C++

By Lokesh Madhav S

C++ templates are used with Linear search to show compile-time polymorphism. Three different data type arrays are used for verification.

This project is done using the C++ programming language. A single linear search algorithm function is created with a template so that using the same function various data types can be used.

Three data type arrays, namely Integer, Double, and Char array, are created. Each array pointer is passed through the same Linear_search. Due to template declaration, the data type can be confirmed during the compile time of the program.

If templates are not used, three different Linear_search should be used for the different data types, but in our code, it is done with a single function using the template.

This type of methodology of function with templates shows compile-time polymorphism. As a result, the code becomes concise and easy to maintain.

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