Coders Packet

Packets submitted by Neha ingale

OTP Generation and verification to mail using python

It is a project basically about the OTP Verification by sending a unique password like OTP. OTP verification is the most secure way to log in to the platform which users use frequently.

Three-dimensional bar charts Plotting in Python using Matplotlib

It is a project about Plotting 3D bar char in Python using Matplotlib. The 3D bar chart is quite unique, this helps to plot multiple dimensions to visualize the plots better.

Generate QR code using pyqrcode module in Python

It is a project about generating QR code using the Python library pyqrcode. The QR codes are used to encode and decode the data into a machine-readable form.

Sending emails using Python

It is project basically about to send an email using Python library smtplib. As we know that email is important for communication because it allows users to send an information.