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Generate QR code using pyqrcode module in Python

By Neha ingale

It is a project about generating QR code using the Python library pyqrcode. The QR codes are used to encode and decode the data into a machine-readable form.

In this project we are generate QR codes for any of URL using Python.

As we know that QR code contain data for a identifier and it is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.

To generate QR Codes with Python we need to install only one Python library pip install pyqrcode. after installing we need to import QRCode from pyqrcode. for generation of QR we need one of youtube URL or website URL .

This URL store in String which represent the QR code.for the QR code we save this QR using svg in image formate.

The use of camera phones to read two-dimensional barcodes for various purposes.

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