Coders Packet

Packets submitted by deepali takyar

EMI Calculator in C++

It is a C++ project which calculates the EMI(Equated Monthly Installments) on given Principal, Interest, Time.

Fizz Buzz in C++

It is a fun game in which users can input a number and Fizz Buzz is printed in a unique way.

Tic Tac Toe Game Using 1D Array in C++

It is a Short Game in C++ using Arrays in which 2 players can play by marking 'X' or '0' in a 3*3 grid.

Restaurant Project in C++

It is a Restaurant Project in C++ in which you can purchase and sell items listed on the menu.

Resume Making in C++

It is a Resume Making Project written in C++ in which you can make your Resume by entering valid data.

Hangman Game in C++

It is a Word Guessing game in C++ in which one player has to choose a word and another player has to guess it within the given number of chances.