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Hangman Game in C++

By deepali takyar

It is a Word Guessing game in C++ in which one player has to choose a word and another player has to guess it within the given number of chances.

Hangman Game

This is a Hangman Game made by me. I think it's a good example of what a new programming student should be capable (and incapable) of doing by that point. No use of the STL is made. This project helps in understanding the concepts of conditional and branching statements. The project is made in Visual Studio 2019 on Windows 7.

This is a simple HANGMAN GAME that we all had played in childhood on paper.

Player 1 will give a word as input and Player 2 will guess the word by giving a letter as input.

If Player 2 guess it right then he/she will be the winner.

There are only 5 chances given to Player 2.


Constraint: Player 2 can not give any string as input it has to be a single word with no space or any special character.


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