Coders Packet

Packets submitted by Vedant Keshav Jadhav

Sobel edge detection from scratch using Python

Edge detection is a very important image processing technique. In this packet, we will take a look at the algorithm of Sobel edge detection in Python, which uses the Sobel operator.

Speech based web searching using Python and Speech Recognition

This is a simple speech-based web browser, using speech_recognition and pyttsx3 libraries in Python.

Histogram Equalization in Images using Python and OpenCV

In this packet, we will be doing histogram equalization in low contrast images to improve its contrast, using Python and OpenCV library.

Finding maximum depth of binary tree in Python

This is a simple python code to find the depth (maximum) of a given binary tree. The algorithm used is a simple recursive approach and the problem is solved in O(n) time, with a single pass.

MNIST Handwritten digits classification using SVM and sklearn

A machine learning project using sklearn Python library to classify images of handwritten digits, respectively to their classes, ranging from 0 to 9. The classification model used here is Support Vector Machine (SVM).

Facebook sign in automation using Python and Selenium

A demonstration of automating browser activity using Selenium and Python. Here We will automate the Facebook login by reading the username and password from a file using the Python Selenium module.

Scraping IMDB data with Python and BeautiulSoup

This is a Python project to scrap data from IMDB site, about top rates movies, popular movies or any other pages having similar template. It uses a python module called BeautifulSoup.

Counting number of unival subtrees in a binary tree in Python

This is a time efficient Python program to count the number of unival subtrees in a binary tree. This algorithm takes O(n) time, where n is number of nodes in the tree.