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Loan Prediction Using Python

By Jahnavi Ravi

In the Loan Prediction using Python Project, we will find out whether a person is eligible to get a Bank loan or not by using some Machine Learning models.

The Loan Prediction project predicts whether a person is eligible to get a Loan are not. Prediction is done based on some features of the dataset like Marital Status, Dependents, Education, Employment etc.

Three different Machine Learning models are used in this project which are Decision Tree Classifier, Support Vector Classifier and Random Forest Classifier. A random forest classifier operates by constructing a multitude of Decision Trees. 

Label Encoder library is used on the data to convert columns of data type object to data type integer. 

All the three different models are compared to see which one provides better accuracy. We are able to findout that Random Forest Classifier showed the best results when compared to Decision Tree Classifier and Support Vector Classifier.

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