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Mushroom Classification using Support Vector Classifier in Python

By Jahnavi Ravi

Based on some features of mushroom we will predict whether the mushrooms are edible or poisonous.

In our project, based on some features of mushrooms such as cap-surface, cap-shape, cap-color, bruises, odor etc., we will predict whether a particular species of mushroom or a mushroom is an edible one or a poisonous one.

We will check for outliers in our project. Outliers are samples that diverge from an overall pattern in some data. We can check for outliers in our data with the help of boxplot. The outlier data is replaced with the mean of the particular data column. 

The data is also checked for correlation and columns that are positively correlated are removed.

In our project we a used a Machine Learning model known as Support Vector Classifier to predict whether a mushroom is edible or poisonous.

Our project turned out to be very good with around 98% accuracy.

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