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Resource sharing challange Using C++

By Rishabh Rajput

This is a console-based application used to share/sell the resources/product between the provider and needer/ buyer and seller

This project is a console-based project which has been developed using C++. This is basically a Menu-driven program and can be used to sharing the resources or anythings in a locality. I developed this program keeping the current scenario of COVID in mind that how people are suffering for resources even there is a lot of sources available in their locality. So people who want to help each other can come here and use it according to themselves.  It can be used in any scenario for sharing the resources, selling the resources in the locality. In this program, I'm also showing the concept of OOP, File handling, Memory management, etc. It will work as an interface between the resource needer and provider, seller or buyer. For more details, I'm also attaching a PPT with project files for details study of files.

Download Complete Code


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