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Secure Password Generator in C++

By Sahil Chutani

The Project is built in C++ using Atom Editor and MinGW Compiler. It Predicts a safe and Secure Password to the User as the Input Character Size by the User.

In this Modern-Day World Cyber Security is Must. One Cannot stop himself/herself from using the technology but can be safe using Secure Passwords that can provide him a sense of Safety. Hence this Project would be very helpful for him.

This Project is designed with an Attractive Front-End on the Console Itself. It is used to Predict a safe and secure password for the User. This Programme uses Random Number Generation to Generate ASCII Codes which are then converted to Alphabets, Numbers, and Symbols. The ASCII numbers Predicted are from the Range 33 to 126. This Range has all the Alphabets, Numbers, and Symbols present. The Random Number is Generated using the srand() function which is pre-available in the C++ Compiler.

Given Below are Some ScreenShorts of the User Front End: 

Download Complete Code


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