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C++ vehicle management system

C++ vehicle-management-system this is a C++ program it automatically track the entry and exit of the vehicle maintain the list of the vehicle using the vehicle nameplate.

The HR Manager Panel.I developed this by using Python, HTML

I developed this by using Python and HTML. HR Manager has a login id and password to use this website. HR Managers can make changes to Employee details like ID, name, experience, designation, etc.

Functional Programming using itertools and functools modules in Python

In this article we will take a look on two important modules of python’s standard library and various functions that helps dealing with iterables and higher-order function .

Check palindrome using Recursion in C++

In this tutorial, we learn how to check whether a given string is palindrome or not using recursion in C++ language. Time complexity: O(n), Auxiliary space: O(n).

WhatsApp Spambot with pyautogui using Python

This Project is used to send custom messages to targeted users via WhatsApp a predefined number of times. The default message is "Hi!"

Abstract Methods using JAVA

In this Java tutorial, we will learn about the abstract method and also understand the program.

GUI Chatting Application using socket Programming and Java swing GUI

This is GUI based chatting Application created using socket Programming and Java swing GUI

Bagging and Boosting—a method of ensemble learning using Python

In this tutorial, we will learn about the most widely used methods in data science in Python, which give power to machine learning models to improve their accuracy of prediction.

PHP Class for OpenWeatherMap API

This is a PHP class for OpenWeatherMap API. OpenWeatherMap provides current weather and weather forecasting data.

Bottom Sticky Music Player using JavaScript and CSS

This is a music player built using JavaScript and CSS that will be sticky on the bottom. You can control volume and play position by time with arrow keys.

Retrieving data from the database in Python

The project is about retrieving the data from the database in Python. The database is created by using the application known as SQLitestudio where this has to be download from the browser.

AI chat bot logic using Python

This AI bot can be used on the help section of webpages or applications that are lightweight and have a simpler frontend. It is build using Python