Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Credit Card Validator in C++ - Luhn Algorithm

Through this Credit Card Validator project in C++, we can find out whether the entered credit card number is valid or not. Here I used luhn algorithm for validation.

Rock Paper Scissors game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

This is a simple project of rock-paper-scissors game that can be played against the computer. The game keeps a record of the user's and computer's scores and updates them as the game result.

How to draw USA map using Basemap in Python

Learn how to use basemap to draw USA map in Python. We will add lake color too. The map output is also given.

A simple quiz app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

This project is about creating a simple quiz app. I have used HTML, CSS and JavaScript for this purpose.

Currency Converter Using C++

In this currency converter project, I have used the C++ programming language. in this project, I have taken currencies such as dollars, rupees, pounds, and euros.

Calories burnt prediction using machine learning with Python

using body temperature, heartbeat, time duration we will predict the number of calories burnt with xgboost regressor.

Neural Style Transfer: Exploring Artistic Expression through Deep Learning in Python

The project focuses on generating art images from content images and stylized images.

Image to Text: Generating Captions with Vision-Encoder-Decoder model

The project focuses on generating text based on the input image using Gradio Interface.

Garbage Classification using VGG16 with Keras TensorFlow in the backend

The project focuses on classifying garbage scraps such as metals, batteries, paper, and plastic using the VGG16 model.

QR code generator using Express.js in Node.js

This is a simple project to generate QR code generator in Node.js. I have used Express.js which is a web application framework of Node.js and I have also used ejs.

Code to add new product in logistic inventory using JAVA

This is a simple basic program using Java to create objects to add all the necessary information about the new product.

Login and register system using Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB

This is a simple login and register system project. I have used Node.js and Express.js which is a web application framework of Node.js, and also used a database that is MongoDB.