Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code subitted by coders

Spam Classifier using Natural Language Processing in Python

The words are formatted using the stemming process and a bag of words is created which is then trained using Naive Bayes which gives good accuracy to predict the message is spam or not in Python.

Multiple language translator using Python

By using this program you can translate one language to another language in real time based on your selection in Python

Book reader using Python

This program will convert book to audio and run in real time by using gTTs library and pyPDF2 library in Python

OCR on images to recognize text using Python

Using Python and its libraries for Optical Character Recognition on images to recognize text using Pytesseract and identifying faces associated with the recognized text using OpenCV.

Image Denoiser using Autoencoders in Python

This project is based on implementing an Autoencoder using deep learning on the MNIST dataset using Tensorflow Library on Google Colaboratory to denoise digit images using Python Language.

Stock Market Prediction Using Python

Stock market analysis and prediction using mean squared error method using line graph using Python.

Customer Churn Analysis in Python

Analyzing the Churn rate of Customers in Telecom Industry in Python. Regression models are used for finding the best model that fits.

Web scraping using JavaScript

Build a web scraper project that scrapes details of BatsMan of each team that played in a world cup using JavaScript,fs module and xlsx module.

Covid-19 Data Visualization using Plotly-Python

In this project, I am going to visualize country and continent wise COVID-19 dataset by the end of this project you can learn basic plotting with Plotly.

Elliptic Curve Cryptography based secured messaging using Python

Elliptic Curve Cryptography, a public key cryptography system that makes use of private and public keys of receiver to encrypt a message, is used to create a secured messaging service in Python.

Webpage Text Scrapper using Python

I have used Python to test an entered URL and extract all the textual content from the webpage corresponding to URL.

Python Single object detection using OpenCV library

In this project I have used Python and OpenCV library to detect single objects in video.