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Caesar Cipher Conversion by using Python

How to convert a given text into the " Caesar Cipher " text by using Python and learn about what is meant by Caesar Cipher substitution technique

Sum of Connell Sequence In Python

Hello Everyone, in this tutorial, we will see what the Connell sequence means and how to write the program of the Connell sequence by using Python.

How to check if any permutation of the word is palindrome by using Python

Hello Guys, In this tutorial we gone see how to get the permutations of all the words and to check if any permutation of the word is palindrome and print yes/no statement in Python

Loan Status Prediction using Python

Is the person eligible for a loan or not, and the solution for this is using this Loan Status Prediction.

Face Recognition Attendance using Python

A python GUI integrated attendance system using face recognition to take attendance. In this, I have made an attendance system which takes attendance.

Binary Search Tree In C++ Using Non-recursive Methods

In this tutorial, You learn how to implement an insertion(), level-wise printing(), and traversals in a binary search tree using non-recursive methods.

Python Generate OTP

OTP generator in Python program, It gives One-time Passwords(OTP) of any number of digits.

Queue Implementation In C++ Using Stack

In this tutorial, you learn how to implement a queue using a stack and what is the logic behind it in C++. There is some methods pop(), push(), top() & size() which you can implement in this tutorial.

Snake,Water And Gun Game using Java

It's a Game project built using Java as the Programming Language. It contains Source Code for Multiplayer games.

Signature Recognition using Python

Signature recognition is behavioral biometrics. We can use this project anywhere for security purposes where a signature is a parameter. Signature Recognition using Python with source code.

ArmstrongNumber using C++

An Armstrong number of three digits is an integer such that the sum of the cubes of its digits is equal to the number itself. This is a C++ project.

Interactive Map using Folium in Python

Use of Folium Library in Python and create an Interactive Map which shows Distance as well as Temperature and Humidity of the selected Cities in India.