Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Image Text Searcher Using Python & Tesseract

This project aims to create a tool using Python & Tesseract OCR that identifies words in any given image and counts the occurences of any given target word.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python

In this project, I have analyzed and created a model to sort the tweets based on the words used. I have used Python for this project

Heap Sort using C++

This code takes the input array from user and sort it using the heap sorting algorithm (most time and space efficient) , shows the process of heap sort and gives the final sorted array list.

Language modelling in Python to classify tweet using Keras and GloVe embedding.

This project is used to classify tweets on twitter whether they are related to a disaster or not based on the tweet contents. This Python project uses Keras framework and GloVe embedding.

Black Friday Sales Prediction using Python

In this project, I have used Python to apply various Machine Learning algorithms to predict Black Friday Sales. R2 Score and RMSE score were used to evaluate the model.

Hotel Check-in Management System in C++

This project gives user access to a menu of different tasks to perform like registering new entry in hotel, modifying/deleting a current entry or showing total entries currently in the hotel.

Diabetes detection using Neural Network in Python using Keras

In this project I have built a model in Python with Keras which will detect whether a person has diabetes or not using certain features. Here is a simple ANN to detect diabetes using Keras.


To build a model that can help to detect whether a person is wearing a mask or not with the help of a web camera using OpenCV, Keras and TensorFlow.

ChatBot using Flask

This project aims to create an interactive Chatbot using the Flask framework in Python

Student Management System project using J2EE in JAVA

Student Management System is a system for education establishments used to manage student data. This project enables you to create, read, update, search, and delete Student Records.

Churn Modelling on Bank dataset in Python

Given a Bank customer, can we build a model which can predict whether that particular customer will leave the bank in the next 6 months or not.

Jarvis Assistant in Python Read and Write in Python

I thought it would be cool to create a personal assistant in Python. If you are into movies you may have heard of Jarvis, an A.I. based character in the Iron Man films.