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Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Program for search all possible Contacts from phone digits in C++

In this C++ project, the application searches all contacts that have substring or string formed by pressing those words in an old-fashioned mobile keyboard.

Validate Pancard and sort the ID in Java

A Java code to validate whether the id entered is a valid pancard id and sort id in ascending order of numbers and descending order of characters.


It is a quiz application based on the Indian Premier League created using JFrame, java swing and the java programming language

Google Voice Assistant in Python Selenium and speech_recognition

As google voice search, we can use this module as voice assistant. It can perform actions similiar to google voice assistant.

Dictionary Using Binary Search Tree | C++

This project is a simple dictionary application that stores the keywords and their meaning using binary search tree (BST) in C++

Dealing with data using C++ Language

In this project, we Add the given number of days to a given date and display the new date using C++ Language.

Advanced Countdown Timer using Python

Advanced countdown timer in python. It's a small python project that is very easy to use.

Rhombus Pattern(C++)

Printing a star(*) pattern in the shape of a rhombus with the size given by the user in C++.


This is a tic tac toe game devloped with the help of java programming language. This game has been devloped with the help of Jframe,Jbutton, Jpane and Jlabel feature of Java.


In this tutorial we will use the integers x,y&n for the creation of series: (x+2⁰.y), (x+2⁰.y+2¹.y),..,(x+2⁰.y+2¹.y+...+(2^(n-1)).y), here we are given q queries in the form of x,y&n.

Programming language JAVA Title: Registration Page

JAVA Registration Page Using Swing Controls & XAMPP Server Database. Create A Registration Page with Swing Controls & Store Information in the Database.

Fully functional CRUD RESTful API with Flask and Mongodb

To build a Flask application that handles the operations of a CRUD API- Create ,Read,Update and Display records with the help MongoDB as database.