Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Real Time Face Detection Using Python (Haar Cascade & Face Recognition)

This project aims to build a simple real time face detector (video based) using two different approaches namely, Haar Cascades and face_recognition module in Python.

Crack detection by CNN using Keras in Python

This project is a demonstration of building a CNN in Python to detect if cracks are present in the image. It uses Keras framework.

Simple Offline dictionary using Python

This packet is a simple offline dictionary in Python. It uses JSON data which is provided with the code.

Health Insurance premium prediction in Python using scikit-learn

The main aim of this project is to predict the insurance claim by each user that was billed by a health insurance company in Python using scikit-learn.

Sentiment Analysis on IMDB dataset with LSTM on keras

In this project, we do sentiment analysis on IMDB dataset available on keras using LSTM.

Web scrapping using Beautiful Soup in Python

The packet allows us to search any company by name or address, then takes all the results from and puts them in a excel file with all the necessary details about the company.

Google Drive type File Explorer Web application using python3 Flask and Jquery

This packet is web file explorer with google drive like User Interface. With built in video player and image viewer and a terminal to execute command on a remote host.

Generating Synthetic Images with DCGANs(Deep Convolutional GAN) in Keras

In this Packet, i am going to build and train a Deep Convolutional GAN (DCGAN) with Keras to generate images of digits.I am going to use mnist dataset.

Automatic Login Tool [Python, OpenCV, Selenium, BeautifulSoup & Tesseract]

A simple automatic login tool built using Python, OpenCV, Selenium, BeautifulSoup & Tesseract enabling faster login to websites.

Predicting car prices by linear regression using scikit-learn in Python

This project is demonstration of simple linear regression in Python using scikit-learn on real world problem of predicting car prices.

Movie Recommendation System in R

In this project, a movie recommendation system is created using RecommenderLab library in r.

Search fastest free proxy from various websites using python3

This script is written in python3 and scraps proxy lists from various websites and sorts tham by time taken. these proxies can be directly used to for scraping or other tasks.