Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code subitted by coders

Face Recognition using OpenCV

Face recognition is a software recognizing an individual from a digital image from an image or video source. In this project, OpenCV library is used for recognizing faces.

Youtube Data Analysis using Python

In this project, I am going to analyse and visualize data generated by Youtube by the end of this project you can learn how to analyse text data and text cleaning and basic plotting with Plotly.

Face Mask Email Alert using CV and OpenCV in Python

The Project detects a person without a safety mask in real time using CV, OpenCV in Python and sends an email alert to the supervisor immediately along with a warning message on the screen.

Snake_Game_using_Tkinter (Python)

There is one GUI window in which there are a snake and the food at a random position , we can move snake through arrow keys.

Image Noise Reducer in Python using TensorFlow (Auto-Encoders)

This project can be used to remove noise from any image. It has been implemented using TensorFlow in Python.

Hierachical Clustering using Python

It shows how to perform hierarchical clustering and print the dendrograms using Python libraries: pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, Seaborn and scipy.

Blog on Unique Cars in JavaScript

Its a website where different kinds of cars can be displayed and make it look good.the blog contains different kinds of models and information related to that.

Simple Calculator in JavaScript

The calculator is made by using simple JavaScript, CSS and HTML languages. It performs the basic operations.

Blur Face using OpenCV Python

Blur Human Face using OpenCV python. By using this method you can not only blur human faces but also many features like human eyes,nose,ears etc.

Image Captioning using NLP and CV in Python

This project performs Image Captioning using both NLP and CV techniques in Python having a fair accuracy. Flicker 8K Dataset was used and trained using Inception V3, my model and Glove vectors.

Website Scraping using Python

The project involves scraping data from two websites MOHFW and Instagram using Python libraries

Natural Language Processing in Python using Scikit-Learn

Implementing Natural Langauge Processing in Python using the Natural Language ToolKit library, Naive Bayes classifier from Scikit-learn, and the concept of TF-IDF for normalization.