Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

convert XML to json in Java

This project is about converting XML to JSON using java with the help of JSON dependencies

Simple library system using classes using Python

In this guide, you will learn to implement a simple library system using classes in Python. You will create a library management system to display books, add books, lend and return books.

Generate One-time-password (OTP) using Java

The project is about generating a one-time password (OTP) using Java by importing the necessary modules.


The project is for the classic love calculator in Python. Users have to enter both names to check compatibility.

How to get specific element from the XORinacci Series in minimum time complexity in Java

In the XORinacci series, the preceding two elements are XORed to get the next element in the series in Java.

Travelling Salesman Problem using AI Genetic Algorithm in C++

An AI based Genetic Algorithm implementation in C++ to find the solution of the travelling salesman problem optimally.

Basic Calculator using Tkinter in Python

A simple, GUI based calculator in Python using Tkinter that can calculate mathematical expressions involving basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on integers and decimal numbers

Voice Based YouTube Search using Speech Recognition in Python

Voice Based YouTube search is a small Python module that search the place you want to search through your voice

Rock-Paper-Scissor Game in Python Using Tkinter

The project is for the classic rock-paper-scissor game in Python using Tkinter. The game is between the user and the computer with some basic simple rules and having to a chance to defeat the computer.

BMI Calculator Application using Java

I have created a BMI Calculator application using Java NetBeans (JFrame) where you can Input Your height and your Weight and Click on BMI Calculator Button then It will show you your BMI.

Parallel Geometry using C++

This packet of C++ code helps us to find if it is possible to build a parallelepiped given the edges

Voice Based Location Search using Speech Recognition in Python

Voice Based Location search is a small module that search the place you want to search through your voice in Python