Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Simple Calculator using Java and NetBeans

This is a simple calculator which can do basic arithmetic operations. It has been built using Java and used the NetBeans platform to write code.

ChatBox Using C++ with switch case

In this C++ packet, I have created a demo chatbox with some questions, in this, I have used the switch case concept.

Login form in Java

I have learned how to make a simple Login Form in Java Swing. A login form or login page is the core functionality of any application.

Registration Form Using Java In Eclipse

I have developed a Registration Form in Java Swing. Registration form is the main process of any application.

Simple Calculator in Java Using eclipse IDE

In this Java project, I created a simple calculator using Eclipse. I have developed basic math calculator in java with the help of AWT with event handling.

GUI application to display Student Information in Java

I have developed a basic GUI application to accept student information from a textfield and display it in a serial manner.

Project to Display Month Number using Java

I have created a basic Java project which displays a month name while entering a month number. i.e. At the output console when we enter month number as a "2" it gives output "February" and so on.

Read a plain text file or Create new file and add text using JAVA

How to read a plain text file or create a new one and add text to it using the File, FileReader, and FileWriter classes of JAVA.

Java programming quiz application using Java

I have developed a Java programming multiple-choice question test in Java Swing. Quiz and mcq test is the main part on any online exam.

College Management System using JAVA and MySQL

This Java project is developed for multilevel users like administrators, teachers, and students. It has a login system.

Calendar using c++

In this project, I have created a calendar using C++ concepts like string, array, etc.

Enhancing Image Quality Using LDM Super Resolution Techniques

This project aims to evaluate the performance of the LDM Super Resolution model on a diverse set of images, including images with different resolutions, content, and textures.