Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Paint App in Python

This is a paint application developed in Python using Python PyQt5 framework and designed using QtDesigner.

Timer in Python using PyQt5 Framework

This is a Timer Application developed in Python using Python PyQt5 Framework and designed using QtDesigner.

Shut down or Restart the Operating System using Python

This is the basic Python program for Shut down or restarting the system by the os and Tkinter module.

Nested Class in C++

In this guide we will talk about concept of nested class, it's advantages and implementation of nested class.

Interface in Java

In this tutorial we will learn about the concept of Interface in java. We learn about interface through a simple code.

Replace consecutive duplicate occurrences with the count of repetitions using C++

A program to do basic string compression. For a character that is consecutively repeated more than once, replace consecutive duplicate occurrences with the count of repetitions. In C++ language.

Digital Clock with Tkinter using Python

Made with Tkinter and Python This is a Digital Clock that displays time on your Desktop.

Email Validation by using String function in Python

Email Validation in Python uses the string functions to check whether the input email is right or wrong.

Snake, Water, and Gun game by using Python code

This is a simple Python program to make Snake, Water, and Gun games that are only for entertainment purposes that are made not by using any inbuild game library.

WordPress Plugin to Add Social Media Links as Widgets

The WordPress plugin is used to add social media links to the website as a widget. They are coded in PHP. The source code can be altered to add all the social media links required by the user.

YouTube Video Downloader with pytube using Python

This Project is used to download videos from youtube directly on your machine. You can change the resolution and the URL of the video in the code and download any videos directly from YouTube.

WordPress Plugin to Add a Spotify Link to Any Song or Artist

This WordPress plugin allows the user to customize the name of the artist or song, and add a Spotify link to the same on their webpage easily. It is written in PHP.