Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Card Number Detailer using C++

This packet is a C++ program to depict a card number. It will validate the card number and will categorize it.

Basic calculator using C++

This packet is a basic calculator using c++. This calculator performs operations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Notepad in Java

Notepad in Java is a text-editor which is built using Swing and Awt. It is very simple and basic project.

Artifact's(E-commercial Website) in Java

Artifact’s is an E-Marketplace where Tribals can sell and promote their attractive Handicrafts, Paintings, Clothes , Jewellery Items and many more. This platform is developed in Java.

Image Encryption/Decryption in Java

Image Encryption/Decryption is a desktop application to encrypt or decrypt an image using a pass key. This application is built in Java using Swing and Awt.

Python Calculator Using Tkinter Module

This is the Python source code for creating a simple Calculator using the tkinter module.

Number Game Using C++

The Number game has written in C++. This Number game tells the number in your mind using simple maths tricks.

Python Number To Word Converter Using num2words module

This is the python program for converting a number to word format using the num2words module. This program is used for banking application

Hotel Management System in Java

This program is written in Java where different types of rooms and their availability will be displayed. It also provides features to order food and checkout facilities.

Student Enrollment System in Java

Student Enrollment Program written in Java will allow getting students enrolled for the various semester and will allow to choose them there subjects for a semester and will generate fees.

Base Power n Prime Program in Java

The Program is written in Java and is made to take the input of the base and power and return the output, it also asks for an integer and returned whether it is prime or not.

Automated Google search using Python

This is a Python source code for Automating Google search using the selenium library. As the name suggests, it takes user input and automatically initializes a Google search for that.