Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Image Classification with Fashion MNIST dataset in Python using CNN

To classify the images from the Fashion MNIST dataset in python using the Convolutional Neural Network

Handwriting Recognition Using NumPy, pandas and matplotlib in Python

The model is been used to predict the handwritten numbers from 0 to 9, data set is been obtained from the mnist as .csv file and then the model is split into train and test set

Real Time Currency Exchange Rate Converter Using Python

This Project is about how can we make projects using Python language to solve our real life problems.

Face Recognition system in Python using OpenCV and system built using a pre-trained model

This project is about a face recognition system built using a pre-trained model available in Python's face_recognition library and OpenCV.

Simple Super Market billing Calculator in console Using Python

This calculator can be used for simple calculation for adding prices of products one by one This calculator can be used in shopping malls for calculating total billing amount very easily.

Python Hangman Game

This is the classic Hangman Game which is developed using Python Language for guessing correct word within 3 chances.


Notepad is a generic text editor included with all versions that allows you to create, open, and read plain text files. In this we use C++ Language and Qt software.

HTML Password Generator

Security is an important aspect in today's world. To ensure security you need to have a strong password and this website provides that strong password. length >= 8 is advisable.

Web Spider using Scrapy (Python)

This is a web scraping packet that reads the contents of a site and extract pdf links from that site using python library scrapy.

Corona Data Visualization Using Python

This is a visualization project that visualizes the coronavirus data using Python libraries Plotly dash and Plotly express.

Chennai house price prediction using matplotlib in Python

This Python machine learning model is used to predict the price of house using various factors such as no.of.rooms, no.of.bathrooms, no.of.halls and also the size of the area in sqft.

Email Spam Classifier Using Scikit-learn & NLP in Python

The machine Learning model is trained to predict a email is a spam or not, The model is been fed with data of existing spam emails and been trained in the train data set