Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Friend Class in C++

In this guide we will see the concept of friend class, it's usage and program in C++.

Concept of Constructor and their types in C++

In this guide we will learn about constructor, their types and how to use them in C++.

Human Detection through Webcam on Web Browser using ml5js

This package includes an example of using the ml5js machine learning library. It will detect human or person through the webcam.

Decorators in Python

Imagine working on a large project consisting of tens of thousands of lines of code which may includes multiple functions and classes. Continuous modification in the code could be problematic .

Staircase problem using recursion in C++

A child is running up a staircase with N steps and can hop either 1, 2 or 3 steps at a time. Implement a method to count how many possible ways the child can run-up up the stairs.

Streamlit application to compare efficiencies of Machine Learning models in Python

This is a streamlit application which is written in Python. The program feeds a dataset (crop dataset) and runs 4 machine learning models on it i.e.: 1. KNN 2. SVM 3. Random forest 4. Naive bayes

Famous Minesweeper Game in Python

This is a Minesweeper Game developed in Python using its famous framework called PyQt5 and the game structure is designed using QtDesigner.

Animated Face Gesture using Tkinter

Changing pet face gestures by detecting of the cursor the animated face created here will change the expressions.

Paint App in Python

This is a paint application developed in Python using Python PyQt5 framework and designed using QtDesigner.

Timer in Python using PyQt5 Framework

This is a Timer Application developed in Python using Python PyQt5 Framework and designed using QtDesigner.

Shut down or Restart the Operating System using Python

This is the basic Python program for Shut down or restarting the system by the os and Tkinter module.

Nested Class in C++

In this guide we will talk about concept of nested class, it's advantages and implementation of nested class.