Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Java Based Lion or Tiger Game

Basically this is a tic-tac-toe game with some extra animations. Instead of old traditional 'X' and 'O' you will find a lion and a tiger.

Implementing Bit stuffing and Character Stuffing in JAVA programming.

Using JAVA's Collecters package we will implement bit stuffing and character stuffing.

Java program to create Server/Client Chat Application

Using Socket programming we will communicate between server and client using different JRE.

Making Online Shopping Portal Using JAVA

Hi, Today we will learn how to make an online shopping portal using JAVA with two categories of customers.

Parallel Stock Prediction using Python

Argument that real time stock prediction can be done effectively using parallel execution has been presented.(Using High-performance computing and combining the outputs of all the models.

Chatbot using Deep learning and Natural Language processing (Python)

This is built chatbot using deep learning with PyTorch and the also by using some concept of Natural Language Processing like Tokenization, Stemming and Bag of words and used the library nltk.

Chatbot (GUI) for an online coffee shop using Deep learning and NLP (Python)

I have made a Chatbot GUI for an online coffee shop using python. This chatbot was made with deep learning with pytorch and some of the concepts of NLP. The GUI was built with tkinter library.

Web Application using Java Swing

This project is based on java programming and the technology is java swing to store the data of clients/employees etc.

2048 Game in Python

A GUI based implementation of the well known game 2048, in Python. Tkinter module is used for graphics.

Group Chat Application in Java

A group chats application using MulticastSocket. A multicast host is specified by a class D IP address and by a standard UDP port number

Email ID generator program in Java

The application is based on a company where a new candidate joins and the program will generate an email and a random password for the candidate also the candidate can update his email/password.

Communicating between nodes in JAVA using & study InetAddress, socket class.

Hi, we will learn how to implement a program to communicate between two nodes using Sockets in JAVA.