Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

WebCrawler using Python (using Beautifulsoup library)

The project takes website url and number of images to be downloaded as input and automatically downloads the images in to the given directory.

Character Counter using Python

This character counter can be used to count the number of characters, words, sentences and blank lines in the text given as input.

Random Password Generator using Python

A random password generator is used to create a password with a specified number of characters. This code can be generate random passwords that contain alpha-numeric and special characters.

Basics of machine learning-train and predict iris dataset

This Project mainly focuses on Naive Bayes Algorithm to train Iris dataset and predict the output that is the type of iris plant.

Real-Time Currency Converter using Python

This is a simple code that uses an API to access real-time currency conversion rates. The user gives the amount and country to and from which the currency needs to be converted.

Eye detection using OpenCV Python

We can also detect eyes and faces using OpenCV Python that which wee are going to learn in this tutorial.To achieve this we are using a trained model for eyes and face

Vocabulary Quiz using Python Data Structures

This is a Vocabulary Quiz project build using python Data Structures viz. sets, dictionaries, lists. By running this code it generates a question and four choices in the terminal.

Sentiment analysis using Python

This a sentiment analysis project in which I have created a text classifier for movie reviews using Python's keras, convolutional neural network(CNN), long short term memory (LSTM).

Extractive Text Summarization using Python

In this packet I have created a text summarization pipeline using Python that takes in data that is text(paragraphs) and convert them to the size that user wishes.

IMDB Top 10 movies in Python

This project is about getting the Top 10 movies of all time based on IMDB ratings using Python. The ratings have been normalized to take into account the number of votes received by a movie.

Simple Voting Web Application using states in Reactjs

A simple Voting App using React js that will help you to undestand how to use state in reactjs. Here we will make simple voting for the cars.After this project you will be able to make your own.

Fibonacci series and its properties Pisano Period in Python

Fibonacci number and it,s naive algorithm together with faster algorithm using memoization and iteration. And also it,s properties mainly Pisano period and it,s implementation in Python.