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Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Sentiment Analysis of a text written in Python using Natural Language Toolkit library

Sentiment Analysis model using twitter samples written in Python using Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) library.

Show current Date and Time on Live Video Using OpenCV-Python

In this project, we will see how to use OpenCV cv2.putText() function to show current Date and Time on live Video.

Write Text on image Using OpenCV in Python

In this Project, we will see how to use OpenCV cv2.putText() function for writing a text on the image in Python.

Battleship Game in Python

This tutorial will help you play and create a simple and small Battleship Game in Python. The only way to win the game is to find the position of the battleship in the given limited chances.

Travel API - This tells you the no of days left in your trip and that day's weather.

Travel API takes Departure city, Arrival city and Date of Travel as input. And returns the details about the trip like Destination, No of days left in left, Weather of the destination city.

Using Python to automatically order laptop from Amazon

In this project we use Python to automate the process of choosing the laptop of our choice and then adding that selected laptop to the cart. This project can set to different price ranges.

Web Scrapping to get Book names and price using Python

This is a Webscrapping Project using Python. The website is scrapped and the data collected is stored in Books.csv. And Price vs No of Books graph is plotted.

Text Translation Using Python

In this module you will be get to know how to translate a sentence from one language to another using one package translate in Python.

Mask Detection using OpenCV and TensorFlow

The project detects whether a person in the video/image is wearing a mask or not using OpenCV and Tensorflow Python module.

Credit Card Fraud Detection in Python using deep learning

In this Tutorial, we will learn how to use Python and Deep Learning on CSV file and SMOTE method to convert imbalance data into balance data.

Convert Text to Speech Using Python

In this project we shall learn how to convert the text written by the user into speech or in voice audio using python.

Iris Prediction Using K Nearest Neighbors

Iris is flower with different species. In this project we will learn how to predict the flower species using different petal size,sepal size length etc.